Friday, January 29, 2010

Catchup on work day and prep for taxes today

Tax season approaches, and oh boy does it get here fast, trust me on that one. So, what did I do today? Prepped for tax season of course! I dug out the Open Office spreadsheet program and spent all day learning how to transfer my banking information into a spreadsheet along with my earnings and expenses for my writing business. I had meant to only spend a few hours on it and move on to work work by noon, however, I just finally closed the spreadsheet and looked at the clock and OMG it is 8:38 at night!

I am so effing fried out on numbers and spreadsheet formulas, you don't even know the half of it. I'm more than ready to stop for the rest of the night and relax, but instead I need to get to work on writing instead. Arrrrgh!

I need to make me up some sort of cardboard display work station deal that I can organize my various projects I have to work on in. Some kind of multi compartment deal I can stack notebooks and paperwork in, keep myself organized as I move from one job to the next. I can see it in my head, and it would have to be cardboard so I can have it light enough that I can use it in the office, but move it out into living room or dining room to work in those rooms or even outside when I want to.

It just gets annoying to have my work stuff clutter the table or desk in layer upon layer that I can never seem to sort out which went to what project when I am juggling several at a time. And with me working on taxes and dabbling in stocks now, and my writing on multiple projects... yeah. It gets insane trying to separate it all out.