Friday, February 19, 2010

Bathroom Redesign

I want to redesign the bathroom to include a fully handicap accessible design for my dad, including one of those nice walk in bathtubs that lets the handicapped person step into the bath and then fill it with water.

My mom and I had discussed several times getting dad one of the things to make it easier for bathing him, but now that I am all alone in trying to help him with his bathing and everything a walk in tub has gone from a "that would be nice" to an essential element of caregiving. It is just too dangerous without my mom's help to get him in and out of the standard large size bathtub that we currently have in the bathroom.

I love my current tub, which is long enough I can stretch out and float in it when it is full, but my dad's safety comes first and as soon as I can sort out how to afford one, I am getting him one of the walk in tubs.

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