Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Gym lockers

For years now I have schemed on creating a home based gym, somewhere that I can put the collected exercise equipment so I can have a dedicated exercise area where I can go work out. I usually end up designing a fairly impressive area that would be great for the whole family to come and use, complete with parallel bars for my dad and stuff. If that is the end result, then I would definitely want to include gym lockers in the design, so that everyone can have a place to keep their favorite video or a workout book or whatever else they might need when they are here using the gym.

Post sponsor morelockers offers a wide range of lockers in nearly any style you could imagine wanting, from wire frame lockers perfect for storing track shoes in, to open access lockers that are idea to but a single locker or a three locker row to put in a hall for kids to stash their school gear in.

I personally fell in love with the solid oak wood locker they have in their collection. These are not your standard kick about lockers for sports equipment, they are nice looking lockers with raised oak panels that are best suited to country clubs and gentlemen clubs.

For my home gym, I think I would prefer to go with an open access locker style. They have easy access, and lockable areas for putting small personal things such as heart monitors or music DVDs and stuff.

Find out more about available locker styles by visiting the morelockers site at any of the above links.

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