Saturday, February 13, 2010

I don’t understand people

There is something about people that I just can’t quite figure out. The other day one of my nephews showed up in the yard. I saw him out the window talking to my brother next door and stuff. I figured he would come say hi to his grandfather – instead after hanging out with my brother for a bit he took off back out of here without any effort to see his grandfather who’s front door was only about twenty feet from where he stood.

Not the first time he’s done it.

Then the other day at least one (I don’t know if there were more than that) of my other nephew’s showed up. Once again – no effort made to see his grandfather by this nephew either.

I can almost understand their living 5 miles from dad and never coming to see him, but to be literally *IN* dad’s yard and not bother to walk over and say “Hi grandpa”… why? It seriously makes me want to cry to think of how they might not ever get another chance to see him, and yet won’t say hi to him even when they are in his yard.