Saturday, February 20, 2010

Sewing gets to the joints after a while

The one problem with working on the applique work and other hand quilting projects is that my poor joints just don't like it. After a while of stitch... stitch... stitch... stitch... stitch... stitch... the fingers start to ache... ache... ache...

I know that I have bad problems with my joints already, have had assorted pains since I was a kid and think it is likely some form of arthritis, but have never actually seen a doctor to find out if it is or not. I have thought a few times about taking some kind of joint supplements for my knees and stuff, but I'm don't like having to take pills. I'm one of those kinds of people that have a hard time swallowing anything that has not been chewed up, so pills are not something I like to take any more of than I have to. I'm currently taking a multivitamin and some stuff for energy and mental clarity, so don't really want to add any more pills if I don't have to.

I don't want to give up sewing through, since it is definitely a great way to beat the stress without hitting the candy jar.