Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Trade Shows

A successful trade show demonstration can mean a lot of potential customers for a business, it can also mean name branding for your product and business. When you attend a trade show as a small business you get the chance to get together with other vendors in a setting filled with potential customers, all interested in your product or service.

As you prepare for a trade show, you will want to think about what kind of presentation you want to make. Why you want to set up an exhibition booth will be a major factor in what kind of booth you will want to purchase or construct for the event. Another factor is if this is something you will be doing just once, or if you want to create a booth that can be used at future trade shows.

So, the first question is; Why are you exhibiting? What do you want to achieve by your participation in a particular trade show? Are you looking to expand your customer base? To introduce a new product or service? Has your company suffered from some bad PR and you want to use the show as a platform from which you can clear things up with potential customers?

Start with the ground and build up when you are thinking about putting together your booth. Will you need to get trade show flooring for your booth's setup area? This can be particularly important if you want to target a particular look. Maybe you want to get carpeting or flooring tiles that match the overall color of your booth, give the potential customers a better defined area for what is a part of your display space if you have a few stand alone tables within the same show space.

One way to get a great look on flooring is to get logo mats with your company logo and name on them. The perfect entry to a presentation area or simply an eye catching floor decoration at either end of your booth if you have a walk through booth. design. Able to be printed with full color images, logo mats are an easy way to add your logo to a large area when you can not afford specialty flooring over the entire booth space.

If you can, however, one of the best ways to make a floor for a trade show booth is to use trade show carpet to create a custom designed theme for your booth. Foam tiles can be combined with carpet or laminate tops to create a wide range of easily installed trade show flooring options that can even be created with your brand on the floor. Or you can opt to go with wood flooring, which can be custom ordered in shapes and with inlay patterns in a easily installed self-locking system. You can even raise above your competition or create a layered booth area with adjustable height under flooring sections and ramps.

As you can see, creating a successful trade show display area takes a lot of work and planning, even before you consider the logo canopy and merchandise or product display systems.

So, where do you begin? You begin with your business plan. With your products or services and what you want to see achieved. Sit down at your desk and page through your business plan (you do have one, don't you?), search for what you set forth as your goals. Look over your product listing and what you want to offer your customers. Start writing notes on a legal pad. When you are at the trade show, what kind of message do you want to convey? What do you want the impression of show attendees to be when they see your booth? What kind of presentation might convey how you want your business to present itself? First impressions are the most important impressions, and at a trade show you have the potential to make a first impression to possibly hundreds of potential customers every day.

Take some time, plan your booth, and make the best first impression you can.

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