Saturday, February 13, 2010

Working on an applique quilt

I am working on an applique quilt of the old Progress pattern for the Tree of Life. After a search online that resulted in not being able to find the pattern for sale anywhere, I ended up creating my own based on some of the pictures I could find of the pattern (which as far as I can determine is within the public domain now).

This will be one of the quilts that I am making to sell as I get back into creating quilts to sell both online and alongside the roads here in Alaska this summer. It will end up to be a lap size quilt intended for use in a car or to be spread across the lap of someone sitting in a wheelchair.

tracingThis is a picture I took as I copied the pattern from enlarged printouts of the color reference page to freezer paper.

And the picture below is the beginning of the applique work. What you see here is the stem of one of the flowers growing from the ground to the right of the tree. The pattern is sitting sideways.

I’m using the invisible stitch for the project, but have not decided yet rather or not I will go back over the edges of the pieces with decorative embroidery to help hide any stitches that fail to be as invisible as they are intended to be.

 Picture 134

If you want to be kept updated on the progress of this quilt as I work on it you can find it over at my site