Sunday, April 11, 2010

Evil Facebook Games

So, after months of avoiding Facebook because it was nothing to me but a family nightmare collective, I was drug back to it by my friends for talking about the Olympics, then the other day one of my dearest friends coaxed me into creating a PetVille character. That is an evil game that the goal is to take care of your pet and keep it clean and fed and send it to visit other pets. And when it visits those other pets it is your task to clean those pets and pick up the trash around their homes.

It is a game of being a maid for pets. My friend compared it to SIMs, but I compare it to being a maid. So, I planned to leave the game. Only thing that there was to do other than cleaning was buy stuff or play a silly bubble popping game. Not much fun.

Then as I was pondering never going back to the game, since every time I do my pet has run away and has to be bailed out of the pound, I heard my little muse - who the pet is named after - saying something to my creative mind.

"If you really plan to leave, do me just one favor? Go back and see if you can use the makeover feature to change my appearance to look all gaunt and sickly, then change my name to something more fitting an unloved unwanted pet... maybe something like 'Zombie Pup' or something. Please?"

:::pounds head on desk::: What the heck? Why is an imaginary muse making me feel guilty about abandoning a computer program 'pet' in a stupid game that has nothing for me to do?

There is some evil plan there to take over the world, I just dunno who started it... maye if I play the game some more I will figure it out....