Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Magic Weight Loss

With no time for exercise, and little time to cook properly, I have a bad problem with trying to keep my weight under control. Stress sends me straight to the things that are the worst for my diet, and while it is easy enough to add more calories that will total up to more pounds, it is not so easy to take those calories back off.

Sometimes I wish that the best weight loss supplement was a magic spell that would just magic the pounds away with no ill side effects. That don't work, though, because I know that if it were that easy, the spell would have a small line along the bottom disclaiming, just like all the weight loss products out there, that it is only effective when combined with proper diet and exercise.

I guess, rather than finding myself a witch somewhere to cast a spell for me, the best plan is just to find the time to eat better and exercise more.