Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Spring Projects

Spring is here. Time to get the planting done and start work on summer projects to improve the house. Dad and I have several things on the 'want to do' list, including re-floor and re-roof the back porch, the roof is really needed, but not as much as the floor is. Poor back porch has particle board on it, and was not sealed in the chaos following mom's passing away. I have the sealer right here too - me and her had bought it for sealing the porch, then.... well. Life got majorly in the way of those plans when she passed away.

Now me and dad are going to replace the melting particle board and fix the porch up for the summer. The yard and garden too.

Inside we're going to focus on the bathroom. We want to get the bathroom finished and, if at all possible, install one of those walk in bathtubs that mom and me wanted to get for dad. With his left side paralysis it makes the most sense to install either a walk in tub or sit down shower in the bathroom. Her and I were in at the home center a few years ago and she picked out the one that she wanted for him - very nice one that we had been trying very hard to save up to afford.

It was supposed to be bought with the money from the reverse mortgage, but we ended up needing to spend that all on less tangible things - at least less tangible for her and dad, so she made a choice and got the garden tractor she had wanted for 30+ years instead of the walk in shower she had wanted for 8 years.

So, that's me and dad's goal for inside, we're going to figure out how to get the bathroom finished up so it is fully equipped for him as per how mom had wanted to see it be.