Friday, April 09, 2010

Springtime in Alaska

Spring is here in Alaska, the snow is down to patchy piles here and there out where we live, which is actually in a cold strip, so after we get out and down the road a little ways, the snow is virtually non-existent. Lovely time of the year, starting to warm up, people are planting seed for their gardens, young loves are planning for their summer wedding programs, and there is a feeling in the air... one I feel every year at this time. Winter is coming.

No, don't laugh, I'm serious. Every year for several years now, as the snow melts away, I get gloomy thinking that it is only a brief reprieve and the winter will return in only a few short months. I suppose it is an Eeyore way of looking at the day, particularly one that is as lovely and sunny as this one is.