Sunday, May 23, 2010

Dad's Demon

My dad has a Demon.


That's a baby pic from a few months ago. She is an adolescent kitty now. That is also from when she was still named Patchwork Quilty. Since that "I'm cute" picture was taken, she has been renamed Demon.

Why? Because since that picture was taken my dad and I started watching the CW show Supernatural and my dad decided that the possessed little thing that kept attacking toes and trying to trip me as I walked down the hallway was a demon and warning her that he was going to call Sam and Dean Winchester to come exorcise her if she did not behave.

Demon is at the age now where she is too curious for her own good.

She was making funny clunky noises in hall a few minutes ago. Investigation revealed a Demon with her head stuck in small square Kleenex box backing slowly down the hallway. I admit it, it was not until after several pictures were taken before the human removed the box from the Demon's head.

Demon did not seem to learn her lesson. Box demanded further inspection after removal...

Demon was soon making clunky sounds in the kitchen. After investigation the human stood back for a few minutes and supervised the learning process as the Demon figured out box removal HERSELF this time. It was a successful escape that was followed by full speed racing from one end of the house to the other end of the house in glee at having escaped Kleenex trap herself.