Thursday, May 20, 2010

What Every Small Town Store Should Be

My dad and I stopped in at a small store here in the area the other day and were shocked at just how much it was struggling.

D&A Shoprite has the same struggle of any small town store that has found itself up against the low costs of large chain stores. The big stores move in, and the customer base for the small town store dwindles.

While they might not be able to compete in prices on a lot of things, D&A Shoprite does have the very best meat department of any store I have known. It is not so much the selection they offer, as it is the quality of the product and low prices that not even the chain stores can beat on comparable products.

Sure you can get cheaper meat elsewhere now days, but you would pay ten times as much if you wanted comparable quality.

Add to that a staff that truly cares in a small town way about their customers, and D&A is what every small town store should be. Even after almost a year and a half of not getting to stop in, I was still recognized by the staff a few days ago, who remembered me, and my mom, what we usually purchased and our car.

If visitors to the state want to see what a real Alaskan store is like, I suggest they stock up on supplies (especially their meat for cookouts) at D&A Shoprite in the heart of Wasilla.

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