Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Junk food attack

It has been a crazy summer so far, and the past few days have been crazier still. With my dad's 81st birthday party a couple of days ago, on top of having got ready for a fancy Father's Day for him, and having wound myself up the week before that thinking about hitting 40 myself... there just seems to have been a single long continuous blur from one day into the next for the past few weeks.

And now, here I sit, working at the dining room table still surrounded by the mountains of sweets and left over cake and stuff from Dad's party and feeling like I need to get a Texas Maritime lawyer just to save me from the calorie overload just waiting to happen.

I've done good, even with the stress I have going I have avoided the sweets more often than not. I have managed to opt for healthier things like grapes rather than marshmallows and a bowl of bran flakes rather than a slice of Triple Cocoa Chocolate cake. It's not easy, but I am determined not to let my diet efforts fail, so I am slowly treading water with the sweet junk food circling like sharks.