Thursday, July 01, 2010

Must excercise more

Okay, I need to do something to build myself a home gym where I can get some workout time in.

I'm doing this on the cheap, but thankfully have a head start on some stuff. Like the Stride Trainer that I picked up last winter for $20 because it was missing the hardware, and my exercise ball, and the exercise games that I picked up.

I want to add in a few details. Maybe a decent weight set, since I only have one of each weight type, and a pull up bar that I can mount in the bedroom doorway, and a good mat that will make it more comfortable to be laying on the floor for sit ups and stuff.

My goal is to start out with a ten minute workout three times a day for three days a week, then add a fourth day after the first week. After the second week I will add in more time on one of the workouts until I am doing a full thirty minute workout once a day four days a week, then work my way up to an hour long workout from there. It is a long term goal, but that is better than no goal.