Friday, July 02, 2010

Past time to organize bills

Here it is the second of the month and I am so far behind on things that I had actually started this post last night, then fell asleep on the keyboard before I could finish typing it. I still have to get all of the bills in order, which is usually accomplished a week before the month starts, but with the birthdays and all last month I never got that finished.

Now I get to spend all day making sure that the money is in the banks to cover the various bills like electricity, phone, homeowners insurance, and basic necessities like internet... errr food and stuff. It always amazes me how fast money can be spent with nothing to show for it.

I have a few hours of work on my sites to get done, then joy of joys, I get to dive into the bills before they start hitting in force.

Thankfully I got them all laid out in a spreadsheet program, so I just have to confirm each bill's amount and pay date, then I can track them through the month as each is paid out by the banks or require me to call the bill in with a credit card. Most are on auto-pay now, which makes it very nice and semi stress free.