Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Bathroom Rebuild

Talked to dad a little while ago about idea of making a walk-in shower by removing the large bathtub that we have in the bathroom now, which is one of those really large ones that you can lay down in and soak under a foot of water.

He likes the plan and would much rather remove the large tub that takes two hot water heaters to fill, and is hard for him to get into, and install a walk-in shower in its place.

I'm not about to get rid of the tub, but we need a shower right now more than we need the giant bathtub.

So, while in town I am going to look into stuff for building a walk-in shower and get to work this week on drawing up plans for what I want to put there, probably be next week when I'll be working on removing the bathtub and installing a fully handicap accessible shower in its place.