Monday, September 27, 2010

Must get yard work done ~ when I have the time

I am looking out at the yard and thinking about just how much I have to get done out there before the winter snows fall.

I had thought I was going to get some help with it, but my siblings only had interest in sorting through the boxes that our mom had packed years ago then they scattered and do not seem inclined to help me get things picked up for the pending winter. I had asked for help in getting things ready for winter, declining the offer to help inside the house, but I'm starting to think maybe the yard work is going to be left up to me to sort out now that they have been able to sort through the boxes that interested them.

I need to get my work to the point where I can get out in the yard and get the hoses all put away for the winter and get all the yard tools picked up and stowed in the sheds where they go.