Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Must sell everything next week... wait, slow down

So, today my oldest three siblings intend to show up and sort through the boxes our mom packed out in the shed years ago. There are things in them that they say they want to keep, and they have to go through them before the one sister heads back to the lower 48. Then they plan to make sure that everything else around here that I don't say *NO* on is ready to be sold in an estate auction the start of October.

Why? Because they say that they want to make sure I get a lot of money put into the bank so that I have something to try to pay off house with, or to move elsewhere when, to their insistence, the bank will be kicking me out October 10th. They say they have all been in this sitch before and the bank will kick me out and seize everything in the house 30 days after dad passed away. ......... I'm sorry, I had not realized they had been in *THIS* situation before. Had not known they had ever dealt with a reverse mortgage before. I do know, however, that if I am too strong in my efforts to say "woah! Slow down." they will back off and refuse to help me out at all. They all swear they'll do everything they can to help me save the house, but when I asked what that was "well, anything that don't involve money, because we can't help there, bad credit and all that". Their idea of helping me is to help me sell everything worth anything on the property and offer me a place to park a trailer on one of their places.

Right now, I just want to go through the boxes they insist MUST be sorted *NOW* and then ask them to back off and let me breath for at least *ONE* day after losing dad, then we can regroup and figure out what to do about yard sale stuff. I can see the one sister has to be here for those boxes mom had packed, but I don't have to have the entire house and property ready to yard sale before she has to leave.

I want to look at a couple other options before I sell off everything they and I owned. I asked them three about if I buy materials if they can donate their time and artistic skills to help make things that can be sold to pay off the house. I'm still not sure what their thinking on that idea.