Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Stress is caused my siblings

As I sit here and look around the house at all the things that are definitely yard salable, but things that I would prefer NOT to get rid of if I don't HAVE to, I am made more and more frustrated about the entire situation.

I know my older three siblings mean well, and I can see their point on a yard sale now is the best time to get some money for the house, but... A lot of the things that would sell good, would sell for ten cents to fifty cents in a yard sale and are things that mean more to me than the few cents I could sell them off for.

But I also know, from past experience, that if I say "No thank you, don't want to do that right now" they'll all wipe their hands clean of me and consider that they did their jobs to try to help and been turned away so never have to try to help me again. It's like the best acne treatments, just say "I don't want to do that just yet" and they vanish and are never seen again. And if I ever did ask for help in the future, they would say "we tried to help and you refused our help".

So damn frustrating. Meanwhile they're all cheering me on to just let the house go ("it's too expensive to save", "no bank will ever help you out", "you can't do it - no one can...."), tell me to move to the lower 48 or into a trailer on their land and go find an apartment with section 8 housing.

I'm not about to just give up. Sorry, but if that leaves me hopping a plane to Georgia in the middle of February, well... so be it. I'm not going to just give up on the house before I even try to work things out on how to save it, and I am not going to sell everything of value in a estate sale immediately after dad has passed away and before the consumer credit people have a chance to tell me if there is any hope for me to have a chance.

I just wish I could tell my oldest siblings that without them taking it as a excuse to no longer help me out.