Thursday, April 28, 2011

Online Bookbinding Higher Education

I'm looking to expand my knowledge of bookbinding, so have started to look around for anything that I can find on bookbinding classes and educational information that might be offered online.

I'm not looking for basic information, you know the kind that shows scrapbooking enthusiasts how to make little pretty booklets using paper, a hole punch and ribbon. No, I want the more high end information, not stuff like technology high end with online printing service and e-books and stuff, high end as in the recipes that were used to make glues over the years, the exact knots used at various time periods and so forth.

I've self taught myself bookbinding and learned a lot, but I want to get more in depth with it now and start to study the more obscure aspects that can not be self learned. So, I'm officially on a hunt to locate any online resources I can since I live in an area that has nothing in regards to libraries fulled with medieval tomes to study, much less any antiquarian book restorers to study under around here.