Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Satellite TV

I don't usually watch television, usually I just watch a few shows a week, once in a while though I start watching a series that I might have missed before or had not watched in a long time. For those reasons I have satellite TV service.

Although I do not use Direct TV as my satellite TV provider, I have been for the most part happy with the satellite TV system that I do use. It has good quality reception - as long as there is not some kind of heavy atmospheric interference such as the heavy cloud cover of a winter snowstorm. Over the past few years the reception has actually seemed to improve somewhat, not as adversely affected by the heavy clouds as it used to be. Or I might have just started watching less television so no longer notice it as much.

Direct TV reseller Allied Satellite TV is a satellite TV service reseller who's website provides information on the services offered by Direct TV which is a California based service provider of broadcast Satellite TV in America. The last site linked to,, seems to be one of a series of virtual museum websites connected with Allied Satellite TV.