Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Taxes done... mostly

Tax day has come and gone and left me... flattened in its wake.

I'm not too bad when it comes to working out taxes, even if I do say so myself. Actually, both my mom and my dad had said it too. I do okay making my way through the confusing aspects of what is supposed to go where on the forms with relative ease and know how to report a variety of income types (Kind of have to learn that when you do several people's taxes and live in a state with dividends and work as a freelancer).

And yet, I ended up needing to file an extension this year because I can't find the papers for my taxes that are lost somewhere in the house. Spent close to three hours on the phone yesterday and determined I *CAN* decide not to take depreciation and business expenses if I want to, but I still want to make one more try at locating the papers and going over bank stuff to reconstruct things if I cannot locate them.

Should have my taxes filed by Friday. yay!