Thursday, May 19, 2011

Bread machine seal going bad fast

I'm depressed. The gasket in the bread machine that my mom got me years ago seems to have reached the end of its life cycle. More and more I noticed it was not quite fitting right, then today after having triple checked that it had a proper seating the machine still lost around a third of the water that I put into it because of a poor seal between the machine's bread mixing container and the machine.

I will be looking for if I can find a replacement seal, or a small gasket that can go under the seal to help it work better, but until then I am afraid I am going to be resorting to baking up large batches of bread once a week and freezing several over the first part of the week.

I don't really mind, since I love to make bread, but it is disappointing to have he bread machine mom got me failing after all these years of making bread with it. I can still use it for fast batches when I need bread and can't take the time to make it by hand, but I'm not going to be able to use it every other day like I have been for a while now.


Anonymous said...

I read your comments about your leaking bread maker .. .. ..

We are having the same sort of issue. Did you replace your seal & did that fix the problem?

Sandra said...

I assume that replacement of the seal would work to fix the issue, but rather than try that I just went ahead and went back to making my bread by hand.

I find kneading the dough to be a great stress release, and it is good for my fingers to help ease cramps from long days of typing.

The way my machine is made, though, I think just replacement of the rubber seal should fix the issue. I think mine compressed and even though it was still pliable, it was smashed to where it no longer fully sealed the system.