Friday, May 06, 2011

Dug out the Roller Blades

I've dug my old roller blades out of the shed out back. Not my good set, which I think is buried somewhere in the basement, but at least a pair I can get out on the trail in. I have to dig out the pads and helmet still before I can go hit the bike path, and I am hoping my good roller blades are with them, but I have been working to get used to Blading again by taking a spin back and forth in the dining room, living room and down hall and back.

I don't think I have had time to get out on Blade in close to ten years or more. It's fun to get the chance to get back on them, even if it is just across living room and back. Really have to find my good blades, or break down and save up to buy a new pair if I can find them for sale anywhere.

can't wait to get out and actually do a bit of Roller Blading again.