Sunday, May 15, 2011

Where did the start of this year go?

Staring at the calendar and wondering where the start of this year went I realize it is almost to the middle of the year. Holy...

I am not ready to be to mid-year yet. I've been trapped inside to the point that I actually delayed having to go anywhere, and haven't gone anywhere aside from things I have to do in finding a job. The thought of going outside is just... I prefer to stay inside with my computer and TV and let the world get by without me. I know, that's a short step away from being a total shut-in, but I really hate having to go anywhere. There's people out there and people scare me.

I still need to make two runs into town next week to keep things moving on a job I should have been working at back in January. Dang thing just keeps on dragging along and now I am being told it will be at least two more weeks before they'll hire me on. It is very frustrating when I had to get a job months ago and have been being trailed along by the place from one week to the next. I tried getting part-time work elsewhere, but was declined for being hired because I'm going to be working at the other place soon. (Soon being a very relative term.)

I'm in one of those terrible Catch-22 situations where I can't do anything about working because things are moving ahead super slow. So I am spinning my wheels waiting for some kind of traction and praying that what little money I can scrape together keeps me going until at least July, when I should have my first paycheck.

It's all very frustrating.