Sunday, September 25, 2011

Only five days until the Alaskan Artisan's and Crafters craft fair at the American Legion

I am so not ready yet. It just occurred to me that it is only about five days to the craft fair at the American Legion, and I still have to get the covers onto the books... and stained... and dried... and ::pounds head on desk:: ~I'm not ready yet~

I have what should be a good selection of books that are half ready, but I just looked at the date and realized, I need to have them finished by the 28th, this Wednesday, so that I have a couple more days in which I can make sure that they are FULLY dried and have no flaws before I send them out into the world. Arrrgh! Not enough time!

The hard parts, the sewing and gluing and everything like that, are all done for the books that are made so far, it is just the long process of waiting for the glue to day that I need to do now. And that takes up my press as they dry, which limits my ability to make more books until those ones are out of the press. And since my book press is also my sawing frame, it means I can't work on another book while I am waiting for the last series of books to dry.

I should have at least 10 good size books ready by the fair, though, and a good number of small purse size books as well as a few little bookets. Should be enough of a selection and inventory to get me started at the craft fair, then I can put the ones I have left from the craft fair up in my Artfire store to sell online.