Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Kitchen needs rebuilding

If I end up managing to keep my home, then I think the first thing I am going to invest in it is a rebuild on the kitchen. Between the passage of years since it was first built, and the shoddy work of the low-bid contractor that built the house, the kitchen has a lot of issues with it. Even after the stove vent was supposed to have been fixed in 2009. it still has an issue with water getting into the kitchen when the snow is melting on the roof, and now since the (again low bid) worker that replaced the vent did not actually fix the problems caused by the first contractors, the leaking has caused the new vent to stop working.

The counters need to be replaced as well. Within a year of moving into the house they had pulled away from the walls along the back of the counters, leading up to half inch gaps between the counters and walls. I'm thinking I might replace the el-cheapo counters with some nice wooden counter tops in both the kitchen and laundry room with inset double bowl sinks and matching cutting boards to cover the sinks when not in use.

I liked the sink covers that we had in the motorhome and have always wanted that same type of cover in the kitchen in the house. Otherwise the sinks turn into catch-alls for anything on the counter that is dirty, and you had to clean the sink before you can wash the dishes.

So, number one on my to-do list if I manage to save the house is to modernize the kitchen and hopefully find a good old fashioned wood cookstove (or look-a-like) to replace the current stove.