Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Winter is here, but the snow is late

There are times when the snow in the winter is deep enough to cover a car. Literally. Years ago my parents and I were staying at my sister's house for the winter and we hiked in our drive to check on our place and discovered that my dad's Pinto was missing. Someone had apparently stolen it. After growling and kicking about where the car had been parked, my dad realized he had found the Union 76 antenna ball that was on the antenna of the car. That was still on the antenna of the car. The Pinto had been buried under the snow so thoroughly that the car was not even a bump in the snowfield. This year, looking out the window, I see about 3 inches of snow on the ground, that fell a few weeks back. The sky is clear and blue, which means that it is COLD outside. And inside. Thankfully there is still wood in the yard and the fireplace is doing a nice cozy job of keeping things warm in the house. According to the weather report on my phone the rest of the week will be clear skies and no snow, reminds me of the year there was no snow until Christmas eve, then we had a few feet dump on the area.