Monday, December 28, 2009

Holidays sped by fast as Santa's sleigh

The holidays went by faster than I had expected them to. Far far faster than I had expected. I'd wanted to get the chance to do more shopping, but those plans were sidetracked and failed when the weekend storm had come through and dropped a bunch of snow on us. The roads were dangerously icy to the point a couple of appointments my dad had were canceled by the places he was to visit.

I had a few things that me and him had got ahead of time though, so that worked out for at least having a few of the things we had planned for giving people under the tree.

I gave dad my HO scale train stuff for Christmas, which I have collected for about 20 years now getting some things here and there when I could. I never got it set up because there is enough to fill a large room with track layout, plus several buildings, landscaping materials, people and lots more. Think there is 4 engines in the set with enough track to make four different railway systems, but only two power adapters. Got a bunch of switches and stuff though. We'll get him a nice layout built over the rest of winter once the heater has been replaced.

I also got him a bobble clock deal that when you tilt it the thing talks and tells you what the time and temperature are. Perfect for his nightstand because now he just has to pick up his clock and he knows what time it is.

In addition to that, I made him a bunch of chocolate covered cherries since I was unable to get into town to buy him some as I always do for the holidays. They were quite a hit with the folks that showed up.

My sister in law gave me a LOVELY leather coat with some sort of very soft dark fur trim. No idea what kind of fur it has on it. The coat was made in Korea and says the outer shell is cow and made from fur originating in Finland. I just know the fur is oh so soft. Love my coat! :-D

I also got some gorgeous avocado green heavy satin fabric from my other sister in law, which I had admired before and said would be perfect for making an Elizabethan style gown. Can't wait to get things organized so I can sew once again.