Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Life Insurance

Finding affordable life insurance for high risk people, such as those with heart disease, is never an easy chore. After my mother passed away I went looking for life insurance for my dad because he felt that would be the best way to assure I can one day pay off the house should anything happen to him. The trouble is that I was having a bit of trouble finding any kind of life insurance for high risk people, add in that he was about to turn 80 and it made it all the harder to locate companies that would insure him.

We did find a few, though, so now in lieu of paying me to care for him, payments are made into the life insurance to provide me with some form of support in later years in the time between when my dad passes away (hopefully 50+ years from now), and when I can find work - which will not be easy as an over 40 person with no work history and no education to speak of.