Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Old before my time

I'm sitting here at four in the morning, up all night once again to keep the house warm for my dad, and staring, as usual, at a computer monitor. It is evil on the eyes.

I get up every five to fifteen minutes and wander around, stretch the muscles, rest the eyes and hands, make sure that the heater is behaving itself, and hunting coffee. It is hard to believe I used to hate the taste of the stuff as much as I had. It tasted like battery acid or something. Now... five, six cups a day. ::shakes head:: Pitiful. And with the second hand smoke I am inhaling a pack of cigarettes a day... neither one can be very good for a person, but add in lack of decent sleep and you're looking at yourself in the mirror wondering if there is any kind of eye cream that could possibly help you not look so much like an insomniac raccoon.

I'm sure that the cold winter weather is not helping either. I know my lips are chapping every other day or so, that kind of weather has to be hard on the skin as well. It's all adding up, I'm sure, to make me old before my time.