Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Roman Blind Recall - 5 safety tips

The news announced that there is a massive recall on the roman blinds by the Consumer Product Safety Commission. Those ones that you have a string hanging down on the side which is pulled to raise the blind. I have no idea why it took this many years for it to be sorted out that those strings pose a choking / strangulation hazard to toddlers, but they have apparently finally caught on to that fact.

My house has roman blinds on every window, installed there by the guy that built it back in 1997. Suggestions for what to do about the cord based on my experience with these kinds of blinds:

1. Affix a hook up high behind the side curtain and loop the cord up over it.
2. Coil the cord up until it has been lifted as high as you can coil it, then secure with a wire bread tie.
3. Coil the cord and set it at the back of a nearby cabinet or shelf out of reach of children.
4. Lift window blind to keep exposed cords on the back out of reach of children, then secure the pull cord out of reach as well.
5. Safest bet - remove the blinds and replace with a standard window curtain treatment that does not have cords.