Thursday, December 17, 2009

Top Five Money No Object Gifts to Get for Women

Okay, time for the holiday wish list of "Money is not an Option" gifts that would be wonderful to get any woman. I pondered it a bit and this is what I think makes up a decent Top Five:

1. A diamond is, of course, forever. Well, it started out as a lump of coal, but once it got past the ugly duckling stage, then got over awkward adolescent age and cut into lovely faucets, the diamond is by far one of the more popular gifts for getting women.

2. Shopping for a new vacuum? Price not important? How about a Ladybug steam cleaner for getting a deep clean without the use of chemicals and get dust mites, bacteria, and so much more out of surfaces around the home.

3. What can you say about a new car aside from "Oh wow! OMG! Is that really for ME?!" My personal favorite is the Cadillac Escalade, but there are a lot of very nice cars on the market. Want to go a step further you can get her not only a new car, but also a car makeover to have it repainted in her preferred color and style.

4. A new house. Preferably in a warm area where flower gardens and roses can be grown with little need for constant maintenance. It does not have to be big, although if money is really not an option why not dream big and go for an old Victorian mansion like from Gone With The Wind? Complete with a stables for keeping hoses.

5. Flight into space. Oh yeah! Pricey, but you have to admit that nothing could top giving a woman the stars, and now, it is actually possible if money is no object in gift selection. Just, don't go the Ralph Kramden route with "One of these days... Pow! Zoom! Straight to the moon Alice!"

And there you have it - a fast top five list of presents. What would your top five list be? And remember, money is no option here, so shoot for the moon.