Thursday, January 14, 2010

Damn Viruses

There should be some kind of international agreement on what sort of charges can be leveled against someone that creates and/or releases a computer virus of any kind. This should be something that is enforced on crackers1 regardless of their country of origin.

I say this because after having spent the start of the year trying to fend off a virus attack on the computer, I then spent last night fighting once again to fight off a new attack on the computer.

The pitiful part, there is nothing worth cracking my system for! They just crash my system and cause me massive headaches and it is for nothing.

1. Cracker Defined courtesy of Wikipedia:
"...A black hat hacker, sometimes called "cracker", is someone who breaks computer security without authorization or uses technology (usually a computer, phone system or network) for vandalism, credit card fraud, identity theft, piracy, or other types of illegal activity...."