Saturday, January 09, 2010

Year off to too fast a start, haven't caught up yet

Argh. Just got to thinking on all of the things that I had wanted to get done by the first week of the year, things that I am now hoping to get done on Monday. It sort of makes the head spin to think that the year is off to such a fast start.

So, on Monday I need to do a bunch of stuff like starting a diet, call and double check when my dad's next appointment with his doctor is, I want to call some places to get an auto insurance quote and see if I can lower that a bit, I also have to call and see if I can find anywhere that will work on dad's car to get the heater fixed. Annoying to have a totally useless vehicle because it has no heater and bad brakes.

I'm sure as I start my list I'll find a lot more that I want to fit into Monday.