Thursday, January 21, 2010

Hudson plane up for auction

The Airbus A320-214 that crashed into New York's Hudson River could be yours. Taking off as US Airways Flight 1549, the plane was struck by a bird and taken to a forced landing in the Hudson River where all 155 passengers and crew deplaned into boats that sped to the rescue.

The plane, and its detached wings (sans engines), is being sold "as is, where is", by AIG Aviation and is in a salvage yard in Kearny, NY. It is intended for salvage only and listed as having severe water damage and impact damage to the underside of the aircraft.

I can just imagine what kind of buyers might find this to be the auction of a lifetime. Not simply the standard number of parts seekers and souvenir collectors, but perhaps some church seeking to use the restored Airbus passenger compartment as some kind of meeting place since the plane had to have been blessed by the hand of God to have landed with no loss of life as it did.