Saturday, January 23, 2010


I trimmed Patches claws a little while ago. Just the second time she has got her claws trimmed and while she did not really mind the first time, this time she was feeling frisky and wanted to do something else. Anything else.

So, there I am with this little roughly 10 week old kitten trapped in my lap, it is demanding to play rather than have its claws trimmed, and I am determined to get the claws all trimmed. It does not help at all when her mother wanders in and sits on the floor staring up at what I am doing to Patches. This did not amuse Patches, but her mother, Mojo, seemed to be very amused and completely unsympathetic to poor Patches predicament.

I finally finished the task and Mojo saw me coming, tried and failed to escape being grabbed herself and soon found herself on her back in my lap ready to have her own claws trimmed. It was something that pleased Patches no end and she immediately pounced on Mojo, helping to hold her down and biting at Mojo's back feet.

It was so cute, and she definitely was intent on helping keep Mojo from escaping the same fate Mojo had laughed at her experiencing a moment before.