Saturday, February 20, 2010

Healthy Pillows

Have you ever looked at your pillow? I mean really looked at it. Microscopically. It can get rather scary to think of what might be under your head eight hours a night, especially if you have allergies. As a family caregiver I am more and more aware of things around the house that might affect my dad's health, but I had not put much thought into his pillow as a possible cause for concern. At least, not until I watched the below video.

The average pillow collects dust mites, mold and allergens from the first use, even the cleanest seeming pillows, as shown in the below video, can be a haven for mold and bacteria. The Healthy Dreams Germ-Fighter Pillow was created by National Allergy to be a truly healthy pillow that will, with proper care, remain germ-free and mold-free for as long as you own it.

Made with a Micrenza bio-filter covering, it can filter out the same level of bacteria as an N95-rated surgical mask. This is important when you spent so many hours breathing so close to such a possible source of allergens. Equally important is comfort, which the Healthy Dreams Germ-Fighter Pillow provides as well with a soft outer cotton layer over the Micrenza bio-filter system. This combination of comfort and protection makes this pillow perhaps the best choice available for those looking for a healthy allergen free pillow.