Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Just daily life

I don't know where the past week went to, but it passed by so fast that it has left me dizzy and half asleep. Two of the nephews had stopped by last week for a few minutes. Had been out on their snow machines and had to stop to have my brother help repair one, so stopped in to say hi to dad. The one that had been going to come by to see dad before he left the state again apparently felt sick just before he left was why he never came to say g'bye to dad. Seems like he could have at least called, since dad has spent the full week looking forward to a trip to the museum that their sister had invited him on when they had stopped to let the visiting grandkid say hi to dad while he was here. Suppose that's where part of the week went to, and a lot of the exhaustion came from, was the foul mood that only got worse with each day past the "we'll come or call on Friday" of a week and a half - two weeks ago. Dad's given up on them now, so his mood has gone back up to being cheerful.

Me and him watched the TNT series SouthLAnd all afternoon, good show that I can see why the fans came together to save it. After just a few minutes of watching it me and dad both agreed it reminded us a lot of Adam-12. Dad even commented that the series used a lot of the same characters as Adam-12. I barely remember watching Adam-12 with him when I was a kid, but I do remember settling down by the TV with dad to watch our favorite show together. Possibly where I got a desire to be a cop, dunno. lol

As for SouthLAnd. We will definitely be watching it every Tuesday, especially since it fits so nicely into the lineup just before we switch over to watch NCIS.