Monday, February 01, 2010

My Dream Comptuer

I was talking to my oldest brother the other night about my need for a good work computer. He laughed when I said I needed one that has at least four monitors hooked up to it. When I started explaining why, however, I think he began to understand why I felt that was the least number of screens I needed for being able to work at my most productive level. I tend to keep several research windows open, and a program for working on a website, and a couple of work sites and a window that I talk to my friends online in. So, actually, I would prefer a nice eight screen spread like accountants use.

I also need something that has a lot of storage. Since I hate having to dig through a stack of disks. It takes time to locate what I need. I prefer to have enough computer memory to just store all the things I need at hand on the computer. I could make a spreadsheet with areas for entering the CD and its location for anything that I might want to store on a CD. Then I can just run a search on the spreadsheet and locate the right CD fast that way.

I like that plan, might try when I have time setting up something like that. Taxes come first, however, so I won't be able to get to the spreadsheet for CDs until into April.

My dream computer would also be able to communicate wirelessly with the printer. I loathe having to put printer within a set distance as accessible by the printer cable. I also miss my wireless mouse and keyboard, so have to get them back outta storage and hooked up when I get my dream machine. Which won't be happening for a long time yet, but I can daydream. Right?