Thursday, February 04, 2010


I'm working on a quilt that I keep adding to every time I pause for a few minutes. I'm so excited to get it finished and see how it looks because it is the first time I have worked in a medium that I have wanted to try out for years now. I am making a quilt that has redwork embroidery prints on it. Sitting here I will pause from working for a few minutes and immediately grab my embroidery hoop and add a few stitches to my work. Page loading slow - grab hoop and add a few stitches.

It is addicting fun to work on. Each line that is filled in in red floss brings the quilt more and more to life. I have already decided that this little lap quilt will be one that I am going to have to make 100% hand made. No sewing machine will be touching this one for any stage in the process.