Thursday, February 11, 2010

Water Heater SNAFU

The guys that replaced the water heater heating system in the house neglected to replace a connection that I had shown them was leaking, so, as a result, this morning when I went downstairs to check and see if the water heater had run out of fuel before the truck from Fisher's had refilled it this morning I discovered not only was the heater shut off and saying it was in lockout mode, but it had freaking water leaking out of the place I had warned them about and dripping down all over the heater's electrical system. Not good people!

I, of course, called them up to tell them what was going on. They sent a technician out who agreed that was not good and called up his boss to explain what sitch was, then the guy set to work fixing it. I pointed out that the guy that had inspected it had said there had also been a slow leak of diesel on the inlet pipe, the guy said he would take a look and tighten it up.

I left him to his work and he came through a while later to have me sign papers then showed me what he had done to it. He took out the leaky connectors on the heater and put in new ones. Blamed the leak on me saying that of course it will leak when the system runs out of heating fuel. (Yeah, I don't get that "of course the water pipe leaks when the diesel runs out" either.)

So, anyway, after assuring me that the leak on the diesel in line had not been a leak, just residual fuel still on the line (thought that stuff evaporated?) and explaining the new system was gasket based and should not be tightened down, he checked and double checked in a not so subtle "You will NOT call us out for another free fix" manner that I was happy with the work that had been done on it. It was no longer spewing water onto the electrical system, I happy. I'll let my nice rock hounding buddy contractor get them back out to secure the earthquake lines onto the thing.