Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Drive switched out for movie night

My sister stopped by last night, visited with my dad for a little while in response to his calling to find out why no one stopped by to see him. Was mostly the usual silence, but she did take my advice and came armed with conversation starter this time - a few pictures of dad's mom to ask him about where they had been taken etc.

We were gonna go for a drive with her today, but she expects to be gone till after 9 probably and dad feels tired (stayed up all night looking forward to the drive ::shakes head:: ) and did not feel like going out over the ice to get to the car, then driving for 6 hours, so instead he decided that he preferred to stay home and watch 2012, that new John Cusack movie. So I reserved the movie at the local Blockbuster and my sister'll pick it up on her way through town and bring it out this evening for dad to watch.

Shame that dad didn't feel up to a drive, since it is a very nice day today. Which also means it is exceptionally icy on the walkway too. Need to get out there and toss more ice melt on it to fix that. This summer I plan to run the steps down off the side of the porch to escape the spring runoff onto the porch.