Monday, March 29, 2010

Netflix Wii disk

I got the new streaming disk for the Wii from Netflix today. Setup was so easy I was still distracted reading the "if you have problems" note on the website when I realized my Watch Instantly Que was already displayed on the TV across the room. LOL!

So, what is the first thing I watch? Torchwood season one, episode Countrycide of course! One of the best Ianto Jones episodes made. Next I went to Netflix and moved all of the DVDs I had ordered for my dad over to the watch instantly list - at least the ones that are able to be watched instantly. Got him the 49th Parallel and a few other good old war movies to start him off.

My sister called earlier, asking if we wanted to ride to check the mail with her, but dad stayed up to the wee hours of the early morning watching TV and was still napping it off, so she said she would come visit him later after she gets back in the area. Wanted to know if there was anything she could bring him, all I could think of was toilet paper and a list of things to talk to him about. Pointed out that the best thing she can bring him is just a list of current events things that she can start a discussion about. He'll carry on the discussion, but he rarely starts one, so just a list of stuff she can talk about with him while she is visiting so that we don't have more sit in silence visits. We'll see how that works out.

Right now, I have a 19 page book on Depreciation and Amortization that I have to read through, so I'll get busy with that and enjoy the video playing across the room as I read.