Thursday, March 18, 2010

Energy efficient lighting and stuff for house

The contractor for the heating assistance program stopped by and dropped off the energy efficient light bulbs and carbon monoxide detectors. He checked on the vent over the stove, but can't determine where it is leaking, told me to keep an eye on it and what the weather is like when it seems to leak, help determine if it is condensation or an actual leak on the roof. He went back up and double checked the vent outlet, which has a flat surface on the up-slope side of it with two grooves in the corrugated roofing channeling directly into a catch basin-like area behind the vent. He suspects that it is when the water builds up there it leaks in along the pipe. Which would explain the deteri--- I just heard more drops in the vent behind me. :::pounds head on desk::: He *just* left too, and now that he's gone it leaks again. Sheeesh, that one of Murphy's Laws?

Anyway, it would explain the deterioration in the bathroom wall, which dad suspects is the source of the strong mildew smell in the bathroom area. The contractor guy said he did not see any real damage to the stuff in the attic but had not looked too closely, he did notice the insulation stuff was thinner in one corner where apparently the wind caught in a whirlwind and scattered it. I'll keep tabs on the weather when the vent over the oven leaks and let him know what the sitch is with it. He thinks if he makes a baffle to go on the up-slope side to reroute the water flow around the area where it is collecting that it will help. Right now I got new energy efficient lights in most of the lights in the house, including the chandelier. And I have a carbon monoxide detector in both the hall and basement as well as a smoke detector in the basement. ::breathes HUGE sigh of relief:: I have been without any smoke detector down there since the house was made, and as I told dad, it's been nerve wracking knowing that if something happened at the furnace we would not know there was a fire in the basement until it had got into the main house enough to set off the alarms up here. By then we might not have had time to get outta here. Now we got an alarm in the basement, so I'll sleep a bit easier. Would be better if it had been wired into the ones upstairs, which are interlinked, but that would have had to have been done when the place was built.