Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Frustrating to not have a car that works

Spent all day yesterday in a low thought process zoned out level that prevented me getting any actual work done, because my sister had said that she was going to pick me and my dad up to go for a drive. Turned out I should have got my backlogged work done. Unfortunately I believed the invite, so instead of settling in for serious research and writing work I worked on some basic text editing and free web directory listings of my sites and stuff.

There was no surprise when we never went for that drive, but I was still a bit annoyed to have lost a full day of work over it. No surprise in never getting any notice that the outing had been canceled. Just the usual invite dad to do something, then.... nothing.

Dad decided today that he is through with the B.S. and wants to get a car with working heater and brakes and stuff. We have been looking online at the local dealerships and have found some possibilities, so now I just need to do some number crunching so that I can decide just how much we can afford per month on a car.