Sunday, March 28, 2010

No company stopping by

Okay, forget getting company to leave, how do you get company to stop by and visit a care recipient? After a week plus of waiting for the people that had said they would be up to see him a week and more ago, Dad had me call to see if anyone might be able to come give him a ride down to where they hang out. They're all either not in shape for visiting or not around today.

I need to get his Cadillac in to Johnson Tire and have them go over the brakes on it and replace the brake system for me. They had said before that they could do it for $540, see if they can still bring it in for that price or not.

People keep asking me why I don't put dad in the car and take him for a drive, but holy hell, the thing scared the crap out of me last fall when I tried to stop at the corner down the road and the car just went right on through the intersection. I keep explaining that to them, but they don't seem to comprehend that I can not, WILL not, put dad in a car I know has no brakes on it. Until I can get that car in and fix the brakes the only way he has to visit is if they take a couple of minutes out of their week to drive five miles up the road to say hi to him.