Sunday, March 28, 2010

Spring is nearly here

I peeked out onto the porch a little while ago and the water is dripping off the porch roof in a fast drip drip drop pattern all along the end of the eaves. I can now see huge sections of dirt along the embankment across the other side of the drive and out along the road too. Pretty soon it will be time to get the corn and squash planted in starter pots in the bathroom moved out onto the porch in a greenhouse for acclimating it to the yard temperatures. Last night the low was 32 degrees Fahrenheit, so the weather is getting closer and closer to ready for planting out there.

Time to break out the work gloves and get ready to clear out the planter boxes back in the garden area so that we can get started on planting things in the garden area. I think the hoses probably got left laying across the yard last year, that would annoy me, need to get them checked and repair any leaks that might have been caused by water freezing in them. Also have to get the back porch cleared and ready for reflooring it as soon as we can get that done. It's particle board flooring never got sealed and man... that stuff melts fast if it is not sealed. Which reminds me, also have to fix hole where the guy that was here working on the place put his boot through the porch roof.