Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Spring nears, time to get Cadillac repaired

With spring creeping up along the landscape, slowly melting off the snow that has blanketed the northern world for many long months, I am looking once again to the possibility of getting my dad's Cadillac repaired.

I did a search last summer, but the only place I could find that dealt with Cadillac's told me that they did not work on them here in the Valley, that the their Cadillac repair place was in Anchorage - 70 miles away. That is not gonna work. I might as well be looking for Los Angeles auto repair places if I am going to be driving a car with no brakes or heater all the way to Anchorage.

I just did a basic search on Repair Pal to check their site out and came back with several places that I had not known about around the Wasilla area. I will need to make some calls and see if any of them work on Cadillacs, try to get the heater and electrical system fixed. My main concern is the brakes though, and the search brought up several places that work on brakes. It did miss Johnson Tire, but I can forgive that since they are 99% tires and just do brakes and lubes and stuff as a additional service I think.

As for Repair Pal, it looks like a great resource for anyone that needs to locate repair information for say a '91 to '10 Ford Explorer, or wants to locate advice on how to replace a head gasket, but it unfortunately is not something I can use for me and dad's cars, since it only seems to go back to 1991 and our cars are from the early '80's and earlier.

It still has a lot of good information from what I have seen in my perusal of the website, and I would recommend it to anyone that is trying to troubleshoot an issue with their post 1990's car, or looking for a local repair shop.

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